'The physical beauty of her island surrounds is a foundation of Lewenz's works and continues themes she has explored over the last twenty years.  The rhythms of nature and the four elements - air earth, fire and water - that are so dominant in her landscape recur throughout her works and reflect her deep connection to the natural environment.

Yet, it is the fifth element, etheric or quintessence that underpins her practice. The fluid, intuitive, ethereal and the spiritual are conveyed through her artistic process which involves combining and layering works using a selection of materials.  This organic approach to art making evokes the lyricism of the natural world whilst acknowledging the role of the random, haphazard and chaotic'

Gabriella works with handmade oils on canvas and wood, often incorporating clay, ash and charcoal with the oils and pigment mixtures.



SPACE Art Gallery . Collective . Founding member.


Boston Museum School Fine Arts B.F.A studied under Freidal Dzubas of Leo Castelli & Knoedler Galleries NYC

Tufts University . Boston - B.F.A

Rhode Island School of Design - course work in painting 

Corcoran Art Gallery, Washington D.C - studio studies

Painter's Progress - year course with Mathew Browne - Auckland 


Boston Globe - Critics Choice

1st National Painting Competition - Provincetown Museum-3rd prize for painting - Alice Neel juror

Art of the Northeast - finalist - Roberta Smith, New York Times art critic

Art of the Northeast - finalist- Lowery Sims, New York Times art critc - Richardson Vicks Award

3rd National Painting Competition - Holly Solomon of Holly Solomon Gallery NYC

Dana Pond Exhibition, finalist - Boston Museum affiliation with School of the Museum of Fine Arts - Frank Stella juror


Australian/New Zealand Luciano Benetton Project - NZ Collective 'Imago Mundi' . Trevisa Italy . 2016

'Time & Tide' . Group Exhibition . Waiheke Art Gallery 2016

bijou eliot Design + Art . New Zealand 2013

Palazzo Palmieri . FRANTOIO IPOGEO, Martignano Italy 2011

Collettiva d’Arte. Galleria Scaramuzza Contemporanae, Lecce, Italy 2011

Mira Int'l Artist Residency . Martignano, Italy 2011

New Zealand Trade&Industries . Hqters Galley Auckland 2012

Kouros Gallery Madison Ave & 73rd . NYC  artist's shows

Auckland Museum . Starry Night Gala Auction 

McNeill Art Group . Hamptons New York

Waiheke Art Gallery . group show Sept 2011

The Lane Gallery . group show . Auckland 2010

Art Sites Gallery . New York Artsites Selection 3 person show 09

Lane Gallery . Members Exhibition - June 2008

'The Mantle of the Land' . Waiheke Art Gallery 

The Lane Gallery . Auckland

Mcpherson Gallery . Auckland

Artigiano Gallery . Auckland

Peters Muir Petford Gallery . Auckland

Kouros Gallery NYC Madison & 73rd - New Members 1994-1997 

Pelleisier Gallery . Greenwich CT

Kingston Gallery . Boston

New England's Provincetown Museum - National Painting Competition - juror Holly Solomon, Holly Solomon Gallery NYC

Boston Museum: Dana Pond Exhibition Competition - Frank Stella, juror

Bruce McGaw Graphics - New York – licensee of a few of her images

Beth McNeill Arts Group – Hampton’s NY

Provincetown Museum

Silvermine Gallery CT.