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Jennifer Purvis - writer FLASH Art Magazine:

Gabriella Lewenz has been pursuing a visual quest for authenticity in her paintings over the last twenty years, both in New Zealand and in New York, seeking it in the underpinning strata of the landscape, sea and classical shapes found in antiquity - the amphora. These subjects, and others, are used as the catalyst to interpret metaphysical reality. The typically, highly abstracted subject is rendered in an often thickly textured and at times profoundly gestural style, using a sumptuous, articulate development of intense colours.

Gabriella continually returns to this idea of retrieving the authentic in the frisson she instinctively intuits between the various panels of paintings she groups together. These panels have no chronological relationship but nevertheless attain a kind of completion within the final grouping that makes up the completed larger work, where even the spacing between the panel is significant. The composite work also garners a sculptural dimentionality in the juxtaposition between the varying sizes and thickness of the panels.

In developing these apparently visual connections between paintings, Gabriella defines the incommensurable relationship between things. This idea recurs in the visual interrelatedness between the painted panels and also in the inevitable connection between the viewer and the work.

The interconnectivity is reiterated yet again within the individual panel themselves. This can be seen in the depiction of the object (e.i. the amphora) or the subject (e.i landscape) as tools - and in Gabriella's articulated or abstracted interpretation of these tools - used to resonate with the hidden spirit of the world.